Sahith Theega six shots off the lead

I mentioned to the man from the Hindustani Times yesterday that I find Sahith Theegala one of the most interesting players I’ve ever seen. And one of the fastest i proving golfers on the planet too.

“I love it here ar St Andrews it’s absolutely the best” he said after finishing six shots off the lead. This afternoon will be the first time that a wider audience will get to see him play. But, since joining the PGA Tour last October he has had five top 10 finishes out of 25 starts. He’s now 66 in the world in his rookie year, one of the biggest improvements of any player.

His short game is so creative, it’s the nearest thing to Seve that we’re likely to see, But he shapes all of his shots, part of which may be attributed to the scoliocis, curvature of the spine, he has to live with. His head moves a lot on the downswing to compensate, you’ll see an almost side bend on the downswing. .But the comparisons to Seve are also in his talents as an escapologist. Wayward tee shots set up for escaping from near impossible situations. Boring he is not. Fascinated to see what he can do today.

The 6 foot 3 Californian’s father brought the family to America from India in 1987. Imagine if he could win tomorrow the explosion that could take place in the sport there. It would be a dream, but not an impossible one.

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