Mickelson emerges on social media from darkest Africa

After missing the cut at The Open Mickelson did not go home but instead went on a trip to Rwanda to visit a gorilla sanctuary (gorillas’s foot shown behind him).

He appeared on social media for the first time since February, in an official LIV video to welcome the newest recruit to their stable, broadcaster David Feherty. Gary McCord is also tipped to join him which will no doubt be a riot. This shows to me, in choosing those two to showcase the tournaments that LIV Golf is above all an entertainment product. It’s like winning thoroughbred racehorses being sold off to be show ponies performing tricks in a circus.

It’s interesting that Rwanda, one of the most dangerous places on earth, was chosen for this trip. My friend Angela took a year’s posting out there to be paid three times what she earnt in London, but she had to have two bodyguards with her everytime she wanted to go anywhere. I digress. The thought was I wonder what security he had in and around the gorilla sanctuary.

Looks like he and Prince Harry have swopped lives this week. As Prince Harry sits in California and Phil has gone to Africa where Harry did so much good.

Hopefully being with the gorillas has given some perspective. He dealt with hostility Open week, not least from the galleries. On the 14th tee on Friday someone shouted to his tee shot “go in the bunker!” to general concurrence from the rest of the spectators.

Social media has been aflame this week with arguments over LIV, particularly hostile on Ian Poulter’s Fan page. This is deep felt and angry, particularly about Henrik Stenson being stripped of the European Ryder Cup captaincy. What is needed perhaps is more humour e.g.

“Patrick Reed was reportedly paid $80,000,000 to join LIV.

They put up $20 million and the PGA Tour supplied the other $60 million”

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