Did John Daly really call him “Daddy Trump”?

Yes, twice!

This interview with JD shows Piers Morgan’s real talent as an interviewer, how he can inkle things out of people. Daly tells him how he begged Greg Norman for a spot on the LIV tour, but he was too old. This was a poor decision. If LIV was one particular golfer it would be John Daly. They missed their chance there.

I watched a little bit of the coverage from Trump Bedminster last week and was struck again by the size of the galleries. See how few are following Patrick Reed.

I had the odd experience last week of my phone ping, ping, pinging with over 1,200 engagements on a two line tweet I posted after spotting this in Golf Digest:

“I hear Patrick Reed got $80 million to defect. The Saudis paid him $20 million, and the PGA Tour put up the other 60.”

Someone said that’s the first LIV joke. We need to find more to laugh about this because it’s getting deadly serious.

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