LIV Golfers not questioning human rights… meet Sophia, the first robot citizen of Saudi Arabia

We’ve heard their pre-rehearsed lines in interviews: “I don’t know enough about the subject to comment” “I’m only here to play golf”. Well, perhaps this might get through to them.

I watched a film called The Good Candidate, about a female doctor in Saudi Arabia who wants to get elected as a politician to get things done, but because she’s a woman, she’s oppressed. Meanwhile her Dad, a musician, has a whale of a time swanning round the gulf states having a whale of a time.

And yet, the Saudi’s have allowed a robotic female to become a citizen of Saudi Arabia. See This Morning’s interview with Holly Willouby. It is scary. The robot is made in Hong Kong. Are we going to see robot tournament hosts? They can hand out beers and tell everyone to zip it, even though the whole idea is for golf to become shoutier and louder. It might be safer for robots to engage with the public. Or will it? According to this interview, the more Sophia interacts with humans the more she takes on their traits. So will she be shouting “go in the hole?” “mashed potatoes” “you’re the man”.

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