The PGA Tour Netflix documentary

Is more hotly anticipated and a million times more entertaining and authentic than anything that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to put on Netflix. What a year to film behind the scenes on tour. The first series of the Netflix documentary of behind the scenes on the PGA Tour airs in January 2023.

Based around the extremely successful Formula 1 hit, Drive To Survive, the docuseries will, for the first time ever, give access inside the ropes and behind the scenes of the PGA Tour, with the series capturing aspects like the intensity of training, travel, victory, and defeat through the lens of a diverse group of players and their support teams.

With a number of players already on board with the idea, as well as filming apparently having started back at the Hero World Challenge in December, the PGA Tour and governing bodies that conduct men’s Major championships – Augusta National Golf Club, the PGA of America, the USGA, and The R&A will provide entry into the sport’s biggest events, including all four of the Majors, The Players Championship and the season-ending FedEx Cup.

The producers Chad Mumm and Paul Martin spoke on the No laying Up podcast. Here’s some of what they had to say. They oreviously made the Formula 1 documentary series Drive To Survive.

Players come on to the tour from all kinds of backgrounds, often they can be driven by chips on their shoulders and they have to do it every week. It comes down to what goes on between the ears. We’re going to show that they still have daily worries like everyone else. But elite athletes can focus and shut everything else out. Everything else goes out of the window and they’ve wirked so hard to get out there.

We think the docuseries will be a chance to subvert expectations. We have 5 minutes to get you hooked, We saw with Drive to Survive how it ignited a new following in the sport because Netflix is a huge global platform reaching 250 million households So we’re expecting new fans to come from it.

It’s going to be dramatic storytelling inside the professional world, Fans will see another side that they haven’t seen before. It’s for everyone though.

Because it is oriduced by independent content creators there’s not the same control but the pg a Tour fully approve of the series and have opened up doors. There’s trust from them as they don’t have editorial control. They provided information on players agents so they could be approached. In the first series, No Rory, Brooks or Mickelson but the door is always open for later involvement.

It’s a massive jigsaw puzzle which needs putting together to tell the story. We want viewers to care about the players, not just the winners but people who come 5th and 6th. Now the doors are open we can build the show, new players can come on board at any point. We still want it to be interesting and relevant a year from now.

Because of the demands on their time golfers can mistakenly be perceived as robots with o worries or anything going on in their lives. We will show the human side to all that.

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