How LIV Golf is structured

I found this useful chart which sets out who does what within LIV.

Under the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, MBS means Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. So, the total fund is $620 billion.

The Aramco Team Series, which has, in all fairness, revitalised the flagging Ladies European Tour.

This is also presented by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, though Saudi Arabia national oil company Aramco are the title sponsors.

Off shore holdings and investment companies are held in the UK tax haven of Jersey.

Liv Golf Incorporated is registered in the United States. Where CEO Greg Norman lives in Florida.

But the final three entries show the involvement of sports marketing agency Performance 54 which is based in Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom. They will, at least be the brains behind the presentation and branding, and possibly the supply of tournament staff.

LIV Golf Ltd appears to be registerd at Companies House in the UK, its prior name being Performance 54i. So this company has just changed its name to LIV Golf Ltd in 2021, the same year when Performance 54 Group was registered. The company Performance54 was registered in 2015.

As LIV is 54 in Roman Numerals and Performance54 began in 2015, this may suggest that LIV has been in the planning for much longer than the public know, possibly seven years before its launch this Spring.

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