One wedding a beautiful thing, the other just odd

Congratulations to the beautiful couple Martin and Irene Kaymer who were married at the weekend.

And still bewildered at the news that Tom Watson’s third marriage in July to Leslie-Anne Wade has ended after three months.

bewildered not just it makes Greg Norman and Chrissy Evert’s one year marriage look like a Golden Wedding but for the fact that Ms Wade took to twitter to announce it and then interacted with all the comments.

She said this:

“Sadly, the inability to launch and build our relationship properly in these early days forces us to terminate our marriage. He will always mean the world to me and our connection is forever”

It sounded like their union was a silicon valley start up. “inability to launch” what does that mean? She cited an illness, but had said ahe had made a full recovery.

And rhen she carried on tweeting regardless, Very odd indeed.

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