The Match: Champions for Charity raises $20 million

So I’ve now seen the recording of The Match 2 and expected to scroll through the tiresome bits. But instead I was riveted. This was quite a triumph, not least because the event has raised over $20 million for the four Covid Relief charities.

Although Tiger had downplayed the strength in his back, not having had any competitive play for over 100 days, he drove the ball magnificently, hitting all 14 fairways. Peyton Manning was a good partner who played his part and they built up a big lead on the front nine in torrential rain. On the other team quarterback Tom Brady suffered some abysmal shots in the first 6 holes and then miraculously holed out from the fairway on 7. He played the underdog that the TV audience could relate to, and when he tore his trousers there was no caddie to provide a spare pair.

Tiger won $1.75 million for the longest drive on the third hole and $125,000 for nearest the pin on the fourth but the bookmakers were also doing brisk business. DK Sportsbook said that the event broke their record for betting on a golf event.

Although pro golfers may have reservations about being miked up for broadcasting in regular PGA Tour events because it may give away strategy or swing thoughts, in this made for television event it created an atmosphere we’ve rarely seen before. It wasn’t like the forced banter in The Match last November. This time Justin Thomas and Charles Barkley in the television commentary team brought a sparkly energy to the event, which it needed without crowd reaction.

Mickelson and Brady fought on the back nine and in doing so Mickelson became even more talkative. And Tiger became quieter. It reminded me of the time that Lee Trevino and Tony Jacklin were paired in the final round of a major and Jacklin announced on the tee “I don’t want to talk today”.

“That’s allright” replied Trevino “You can just listen”.

And it came across like this that he was talking for the sake of it, to provide the atmosphere that was missing without the crowd. When the Tour resumes in two weeks there will be no spectators, but will the players agree to wear microphones? It’s a huge distraction in tournament play and provides a level of access that athletes arent normally willing to give.

But for this event the banter with the broadcasters and phone in guests like Jennifer Lopez offering items to auction, saved it from being a long winded and hollow event. And it went down to the wire with Tiger and Peyton Manning winning on the 18th one hole.

Impressively done, a success all round, particularly for charity.








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Tiger and Phil: The Match rematch


The fancy golf carts that (from left) Tiger, Peyton Manning, Phil and Tom Brady will be driving themselves without caddies. These will be auctioned for funds for the four charities being played for today after the event.

In torrential rain at The Medallist GC in Jupiter Florida the second showing of the Tiger vs Phil match is now underway. It’s a different beast from the dull Thanksgiving Day event that Phil and Tiger played in 2018 when Phil walked away with $9 million all for himself.

This time Phil will be joined by NFL Quarterback Tom Brady and Sir Tiger of Isleworth  will have NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning as his playing partner. The latter two know each other well and play at The Medallist often, so hopefully Tiger can understand Peyton Manning’s drawl which is more than I can so far. The players are all miked up and I have understood him trash talking Charles Barkley who is commentating, After an extraordinary approach to the second green he is coping with the conditions wearing two gloves. The first two holes were halved.

The event starts with a $10 million fund supplied by sponsor Capital One which has so far gone up to $15 million due to in broadcast donations to the Covid relief fund have already been pledged. Four charities – the food charity All in challenge, Direct Relief to provide Personal Protective Equipment, the American Red Cross and the US Chambers of Commerce who are supporting small businesses affected by the pandemic, will receive the benefits. But make no mistake, the economy will further be stimulated by the amount of betting being laid on this event.

The two teams will play best ball on the front line with the amateurs receiving a stroke on holes 3,6 and 8 and the back nine will be played alternate shot. Each player hits a tee shot and the best from each team is chosen with alternate shots following.

There are extra challenges. On the third hole the two pros had a long driving competition. In real time Mickelson announced that the company Workday had texted him to add  $1.5 million to the fund. Despite Phil announcing “this is for you Workday” (he was wearing their logo on his shirt, kerching)  he fluffed the drive and Tiger easily outdrove him, winning the challenge.

On the 4th hole all players had a closest the hole competition, on the fifth the hole was a challenge to be played with one club. On the 8th a $25 million prize for a hole in one. On the 12th another closest the hole challenge, 15 saw the amateurs long drive and 18

Mickelson promised more trash talk than last time and to also demonstrate he is the most intelligent professional golfer ever to play the game he came out on Instagram with an obscure mathematical formula which was going to help him win.

C squared (regular shots of coffee) x B + S bombs and seeds (whatever they are) X I = V (times intimidation equals victory).

Bryson De Chambeau it wasn’t. He announced he had his “Tiger Slayer” putter in his bag, which hadnt had an outing since he won the AT&T at Pebble Beach in 2012. It’s an Odyssey blade with an XT insert for the experts.

On the third Woods and Manning went 1 up. The time difference then kicked in. To be continued after its done so I can fast forward through the showing off bits. The miking of the players has shown slightly more colourful language than is normally heard on PGA Tour broadcasts “Yeah! Let’s go fricking play” “Let’s cut out that crap”. Well, it’s less bland than the last outing.

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US Government assists overseas players to return to the PGA Tour

Lee Westwood, Tommy Fleetwood and Adam Scott have already said that they won’t be re-joining the PGA Tour when it resumes tournament play on June 11.

But on Friday the US Homeland Security Department issued an order making it easier for professional athletes competing in the United States from overseas countries to enter the country. This includes members of the PGA and LPGA Tours (as well as ATP and WTA tennis professionals, Major League baseball and NBA and WNBA basketball). Also included are essential staff and families, although I had heard that families were not to be present at PGA Tour events.

This means that these athletes residing in other countries are exempt from normal entry restrictions but still have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival (and 14 days on arrival back to the UK for British players intending to compete such as Matthew Fitzpatrick).

The acting Head of Homeland Security said “Professional sports events provide much needed economic benefits, national unity and pride. Americans need their sports. It’s time to re open the economy and get professional athletes back to work, The PGA Tour, which resumes on June 11 with the Charles Schwab Cup, has 25 members living outside the US. The LPGA will resume on June 23 with the Marathon Classic.

The PGA Tour will be offering a chartered 737 to transport players on Monday from one tour stop to the next for $600 a seat. The Tour are strongly encouraging players to take advantage of this. There will be no middle seat in each row, passengers will wear face coverings and must test negative at a test taken before boarding.

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R&A announce £7 million fund to help golf


Welcome news for golf clubs and facilities came from the R&A today when the governing body announced a £7 million Covid-19 Support Fund. Clubs and golf facilities who are facing challenging financial situations can apply for help through the national associations.

R&A Chief Executive Martin Slumbers said that “the pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on golf.Many clubs are facing dire situations through no fault of their own…we have a responsibility to do what we can to help national associations and other key bodies to provide support. Club golf is the bedrock of our sport and the fund will help begin the process of recovery.

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Driving Relief: $5.5 million raised for the frontline


So it all came down to an extra hole.  Rory and Dustin and Rickie and Matthew headed back to the 121 yard 17th and Rory hit a stunning wedge shot closest to to the pin. He and partner Dustin Johnson took 11 skins in total and $1.8 million and Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff took 7 skins and $1.15 million. Wolff took both prizes for longest drives on the 2nd and 14th holes and with donations from corporate sponsors a total of $5,503,959 was donated to the two charities supporting frontline workers.

Dustin Johnson is never forthcoming to the media about what he thinks or feels, he gave out a hippy ish “It’s nice to be part of something so cool. Everything is going to be weird for some time”. McIlroy had commented earlier that the thing he loves the most about DJ is how he “just doesn’t care”, but in this instance he sincerely did care about the cause. In context though, what Rory meant was that it is a huge asset not to care so much in golf. To have a selective memory so setbacks don’t affect him.  Yes, the most athletic of all the top players with a mental attitude that sets him apart. Peace out Dustin.

So the next step towards the re opening of tournament golf on June 11 at the Charles Schwab Cup at Colonial in Texas, is this. The Match (again). Let’s hope that next Sunday Tiger and Phil will provide something a lot more entertaining than when they did it last time. They will be with NFL Quarterbacks Peyton Manning who will partner Tiger


and Tom Brady who will partner Phil, and the trash talk on social media has already begun with Brady posting this picture of the four contestants.


This will be a different beast altogether from Driving Relief, with a lot of betting categories already being set up see It’s another step forward to normalcy, as golf betting is huge business, but it will still be golf played in a bubble. When the PGA Tour resumes in June there will be no spectators, off site media and most odd of all no player families travelling with them. And 37 pages of guidance from the tour about what can and cannot be done. Apparently the President had said he wanted golf to return to normal a month later (from June) with tens of thousands of people standing on top of each other and we dont want them having to wear masks”. Seriously.

Well at least perhaps Mickelson will be doing the right thing. Some years ago, when his dislike of Tiger was at its peak, he came off the 18th after shaking hands with him at the end of their round and was heard on camera saying “be sure and wash your hands now”.

Good advice for now.

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Driving Relief – what we’re seeing

First of all, it is quite something to see live golf. We’re grateful and also grateful to our 4 professionals who are raising millions for nurses, doctors and patients in the United States, both through the sponsors and the generosity of the public pledging support.

We’re seeing the exclusive Seminole for the first time on TV. I have dressed for the occasion in my Seminole cap


This compact, perfect Donald Ross course was reclaimed from just 140 acres of swampland and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw have done some remodelling building in sandy scrubland which seemed to confuse Matthew Wolff when one of his tee shots, which were tending to the right, landed in there. “This isn’t a waste bunker is it?” he asked the nearby official, to see if he could get relief. No, it was tricky rough, the like of which we’re not used to seeing. The greens are a little soft so the ball is stopping quickly. Some remarkable features like the 2nd green tucked into the side of a hill, a very tricky approach shot with a long drive competition for money on this hole making the players bomb their drives into a less strategic position and a tricky pin placement on the back of the green. It looks a fabulous layout which will test every shot. Although the temperature is hot, 87 degrees, the wind is blowing off the ocean, making club selection especially testing as – they have no caddie to help! We’re seeing the course with only six cameras, a drone and a helicopter giving aerial shots.

And this is another thing. No caddies means theyre all carrying their own bags. Rory has his in a double harness like a female caddie does. Rickie was using a range finder to judge distance. They’re miked up, because, although this is a big deal to raise money, it’s also entertainment. We’re hearing what they would normally tell their caddies. McIlroy, who has just turned 31, complained of his aches and pains “I’m getting old”. He also needled the opponents. We’re seeing them in shorts. Actor Bill Murray was brought in via skype to do some colour commentary. “They look almost human. Normally, even if it’s 102 degrees the PGA Tour makes them play in long trousers”.


We’re seeing this amazing swing of Matthew Woolff which the club reaches vertical instead of horizontal at the top. He does things differently.


And so I was enjoying this enormously, watching heartwarming new sponsors double the prize donation on the 17th hole.

Then the President of the United States joined in on the telephone.

And at that point I switched off. I’ll finish tomorrow when I can finish watching the recording and fast forward through that bit…


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TaylorMade Driving Relief brings golf back


We can’t wait for 7pm here in the UK for the return of live golf for a worthy cause. A rare chance to see the exclusive Donald Ross designed Seminole Golf Club and to watch a skins match which will raise funds for the American Nurses Foundation and the CDC Foundation which works to control infectious diseases.

The PGA Tour have assured it will be a safe event. No fans will be present and all players, officials and broadcasters will be tested for Coronavirus and have temperature checks. Social distancing will be in place and rule officials will tend sanitised flags and no bunkers will be raked after use.

Sponsors TaylorMade, United Health Group and Farmers Insurance have put together a prize fund of over $3 million which gets distributed like this. Each player – Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson on one team and Rickie Fowler and Matthew Woolf on the other – plays his own ball. Lowest score wins the skin or is carried over if the scores are equal, The first six holes are worth $50,000 each, the next ten $100,000, the 17th short hole is worth $200,000 and the 18th $500,000. $25,000 for each birdie, $50,000 for each eagle and $150,000 for an albatross or hole in one. Longest drives earn $100,000 on the 2nd hole and $150,000 on the 14th. If the teams are tied on the 18th they play the 17th hole again to find the lowest score.

With amateur golf now restored since last Wednesday, we’re back. June 11th for the re-start of the PGA Tour schedule.




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Message from the Ryder Cup Captains

A message to everyone,

Every two years Europe and the United States of America come together. We are united by the shared values of sportsmanship and our desire to defeat a formidable opponent. In doing so, we witness some incredible displays of determination, passion and spirit.

When Europe takes on the United States in The Ryder Cup it is always fiercely contested but it is just golf. It is not a matter of life and death.

Fighting Coronavirus is.

Today Europe and the United States are united like never before. We have a formidable opponent, but it is not each other. It is like nothing we have ever faced before.

Defeating Coronavirus won’t happen in three days. It won’t happen because of the efforts of only 12 men. It needs all of us to play our part. So while Europe and the America once again come together, we also stand as one with all of our friends around the world during this unprecedented global crisis.

As Ryder Cup Captains, we proudly represent all the players, caddies, staff and partners of the European Tour and PGA of America and we speak on behalf of every single one of them when we say that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected.

We also speak for them when we say that we are all moved by the incredible determination, passion and spirit we are witnessing from our health professionals, key workers and everyone else on the front line in this battle. We are all indebted to the incredible work they are all doing.

Last week, some of the world’s leading golfers featured in a social media video thanking our heroes. We want to take this opportunity to reiterate our sincere gratitude to all of you once more.

Today is #WorldHealthDay. It should also be a day when we are all at Augusta National for the first Major of the 2020 season, but golf is insignificant right now. Instead of celebrating someone in a Green Jacket, this week we rightly celebrate those selfless people around the world wearing scrubs, wearing white coats, wearing supermarket uniforms, together with everyone else working round the clock to protect us and keep the world functioning. You are our true heroes.

For them, we urge everyone to please stay safe, stay healthy and stay home. And stand united.

Padraig Harrington, European Ryder Cup Captain and Steve Stricker, United States Ryder Cup Captain

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Honours Even after First Day Foursomes at the Walker Cup


The 47th Walker Cup matches at Royal Liverpool GC got off to a fine start this morning at Hoylake with each match finishing on the 17th green and the score was 2-2. The biannual amateur match between Great Britain and Ireland and the United States started in benign conditions.

European Tour winner Matt Fitzpatrick was in the gallery of his younger brother Alex who partnered Conor Purcell to a 2&1 victory over Andy Ogiltree and John Augenstein. The United States Team gained the next point with John Pak, who admitted to being nervous playing in front of the large galleries, and Isiah Sakunda who beat Sandy Scott and Euan Walker.

GB&I’s Harry Hall and Connor Gough took the third point 2&1 beating Stewart Hagestad and Akshay Bhatia and Brandon Wu and Alex Smalley won 2&1 against Tom Sloman and Thomas Plumb.

The afternoon singles draw is as follows:

United States vs. Great Britain & Ireland
Cole Hammer vs. Alex Fitzpatrick
Steven Fisk vs. Euan Walker
Andy Ogletree vs. Sandy Scott
John Augenstein vs. Conor Purcell
John Pak vs. James Sugrue
Isaiah Salinda vs. Conor Gough
Alex Smalley vs. Caolan Rafferty
Brandon Wu vs. Tom Sloman

This means that all 12 men on both sides will have played on the first day.



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Bernhard Langer wins his fourth British Seniors Open championship at Royal Lytham

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