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Shane Lowry’s homecoming


On Sunday after he had finished his media commitments, Open Champion Shane Lowry headed south to Dublin to celebrate with his family and friends. Later on, this week, he left his family home in Clara, County Offaly, headed by a marching band, to the local Celtic Football club where 10,000 fans waited to cheer him on. They have re named the Open Championship trophy, the Clara Jug.

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Sergio throws club at caddie during final round at Royal Portrush

If you click on the link on twitter you’ll see a fan has recorded the moment when Sergio Garcia tossed a club at his caddie on Sunday, causing the gallery to gasp.

He was very contrite the last time his behaviour was discussed but doesnt seem to mean it. It’s time for the sport’s  authorities to step in now. We tolerate bad behaviour from the pros – and it is top players who do this – spitting, urinating in front of spectators or in the sight of TV cameras, and frequent bad language. But Sergio’s temper tantrums need to be put a stop to. He needs time out from competition.


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Punter wins $1,000 betting on the wrong tournament



An American golf fan has unwittingly won $1,000. He thought that he had placed his $20 wager on Shane Lowry to win the US Open after hearing a television pundit recommend him. He found his mistake when he found the betting slip which had The Open on it rather than US Open.

This shows how some American golf fans persist in referring to their national US Open championship “the open” whilst not realising that what they call “the British” is always known as “The Open Championship”. A lucky mistake!

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Pride of the Irish, Open Champion Shane Lowry isn’t British


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Journalists ask questions about the Northern Irish

Shane Lowry’s caddie Bo Martin is from Belfast. This week he was stopped by three American journalists and asked if sport inspires Northern Ireland/Irish unity. Martin replied that too much is made of the division. “You have it bigger in America than we do”.


Well done to Ricky Fowler for reaching a compromise. When a journalist pointed out to him that wearing his traditional Sunday finish orange clothing (which he wears in honour of his university Oklahoma State) might be making a political statement in Ulster, he came out today wearing black but with an orange puma cap. The cap is hiding a mullet hairstyle that he has promised his fiancee Allison will be gone before their wedding in October. By then he mY look even more like Leonardo Di Caprio.


Broadcasters have been taking instruction this week on understanding the local accent.




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Shane Lowry has been supporting another Irishman this week

Open Championship leader Shane Lowry has admitted that he has been supporting another Irishman, Greg O Shea from Limerick, who isnt competing against him, but who has provided entertainment off course in Love Island on TV.


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