Kirsty Watch


She called it “the most terrifying thing she’s ever done”. Sky Sports golf presenter Kirsty Gallacher got her Strictly season off, but to a shaky start.

Although the pre-show tabloid hype was all about her “sexing the show up” BBC wardrobe department had other ideas. She was covered to the floor and the tips of her fingers and all her clevage was concealed by an unflattering inspid frock.

The waltz looked like it was an ordeal for her and the judges picked up on it with Bruno Toinioli not mincing his words “You were hanging onto Brendan for dear life” he said, “you were stumbling and your feet were all over the place”. Craig Revel Horwood agreed, tutting “it was stilted, there was no flow, no rise and fall and there were balance issues”.

It fell to Len Goodman to bring things back to the tabloids with a not your week luv comment. “You’ll be better in the salsa next week. You’ll get your bum moving and shake it and bake it”.

Kirsty, who was a rather nervous sports presenter to begin with, has grown and improved since she began and now presents in a confident, polished way. She is, in my mind, someone who improves over time. Just as well she got her bad week out of the way when there was no public vote.

Surely she will do better for golf than Tony Jacklin who was voted out on week one. A couple of double bogeys this week, but it’s not where you start it’s where you finish.

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