Player of the Year

“I still think it’s him” admitted Jason Day a week ago about Jordan Speith winning Player of the Year. Interesting that Jason would think so negatively. As of last week I would have had the two players neck and neck and called for joint winners. Jason has dominated post Open Championship and is currently World No 1.

But the inscrutable Jordan, who only gets animated when he talks to his golf balls or berates himself for the bad shot, wouldn’t have admitted an oponent would take something he wanted. Tee to green he is not superior to anyone on the PGA Tour, in fact there are times when he looks pretty average. But the devastating putter and his formidable temperament have seen him pull ahead. Now leading at today’s final round of the Tour Championship he looks a shoo in to win the $10 million bonus of the FedEx Cup and the Player of the Year title. And, for the fifth time this month there will be a change of World Number One.

PGA Tour Comissioner Tim Finchem has called 2015 “the strongest year we have had on the PGA Tour. Period. The youth on the tour, the quality of play augurs well for the future. 50% of tournaments in the past 3 years have been won by players in their twenties. This has been an A Plus 5 star year with broadcast viewers up 20%”. So this bullish view by the Commissioner shows that in America golf for entertainment is doing well, even if over the same 3 year period he was talking about 5,000 golf facilities over the United States have closed their businesses. Golf may be undergoing a slow transition into a spectator sport.

Most of the PGA Tour sponsors are locked into 5 year deals but one I find hard to fathom. I find it odd that FedEx are putting so much money into the season climax. It seems that every time someone posts on their Facebook page someone will be complaining about them losing their golf clubs.

Perhaps it’s a guilty concience.

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