Kirsty Watch


This week Luke Donald and Graeme McDowell sent a “go on” message to Kirsty from the competitors at Woburn supported from similar words of encouragement from Jamie Redknapp, Phil Tuffnell and Shane Warne who were in the Pro-Am. Such messages of support did seem to buoy Kirsty’s confidence, which she needed to have when it was revealed she would be dancing as a dog.

As noted previously BBC wardrobe are not playing the tabloids game who trailed Kirsty’s casting on Strictly as her wanting to “flash the flesh” and “sex up the show”. Going out at 6.15 on a Saturday with a family audience who watch the show, it seems the producers think this hasn’t hit the right tone and their wardrobe department seem to have a brief. In the opening scene she had a hankerchief across half of her face. And then coming down the stairs she had a her feathery tail across her face again. What was going on, had she broken out in hives?

Once revealed the dog costume was an beige opaque bodystocking with a mass of brown feathers. The costume is worth noting because it played its part in the dance. On twitter one wag likened her outfit to the car in Dumb and Dumber.

The make up department had painted on a very smiley dog face. The American Smooth went smoothly and there seemed to be a significant rise and fall, all was going well until the feathery tail got caught up in Brendan’s costume. “Wardrobe malfunction” pleaded Kirsty to the judges as soon as she had finished the dance.

“A great improvement on last week ” pronounced Darcey Bussell. Len Goodman spoke to Brendan rather than to her. “You kept her on a tight leash, well done Brendan”. Bruno talked of more flow and grace being needed. Craig didn’t mince his words. “There were balance issues and the arms were devoid of all emotion and feeling”. Ouch.

Despite the painted on smiley dog’s face Kirsty was clearly hurt by this. It seemed as though the judges were talking about her rather than to her. Brendan Cole talked about the cute dance being for his small daughter Aurelia to enjoy. The scores came in 5,6,6,6. An upward movement of three points from two weeks of 20 marks.

When the results from the public came in Kirsty and Brendan were again one of the last to be told they had gone through. When Kirsty sat with Claudia all the other competitors were interviewed about how relieved they were, except her.

The hype around Kirsty needs to be quiet and let her get on with this demanding task. Let her dancing do the talking please publicists.

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