Masters Champions Dinner

IMG_40062015 Masters Champion Jordan Spieth served Texas barbeque at the Masters Champions Dinner on Tuesday night.

His mentor, Ben Crenshaw, a two-time champion who leads the conversation at the dinner, said that Jordan Spieth had chosen Salt Lick Barbecue to be served. Crenshaw called it a “great choice from right here in Austin, Texas.”

This is where Spieth went to college. But that’s not to say it’s where the barbecue is being prepared.

“I didn’t select Salt Lick. I don’t know where that was spread from,” Spieth said “Augusta National always makes the meals. So they asked, ‘What do you want to have for your meal?’ and I said I’d love to do some Texas barbecue. So they kind of go out and search for a way to make it based on popular places. I’m not sure what it’s exactly going to be. It’s going to be Texas barbecue. I’m pretty excited for it.”

Wherever it’s from, Crenshaw is sure to enjoy it. He hosted his first dinner in 1985 and said the food was based on what Augusta National had on the menu.

“I think it started very soon after that the champion got to pick his own menu,” Crenshaw said. “So it gave a real personality to the player.”

Tiger Woods said that the food was “unreal” and Jordan had done an amazing job. Phil Mickelson, an invitee as former champion, trashed fellow player Dustin Johnson by asking “where are you going to dinner tonight?” another classy remark from the Master of pearls of wisdom.


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