What’s so special about…Rickie Fowler


Rickie Fowler’s swing has changed a lot since he first began competing on the PGA Tour. he used to be very laid off at the top which meant he had to manipulate his hands through impact. It was a swing of moving parts. he swung fast and the club could rotate off line. To keep the club face square required perfect timing.

Since working with Butch Harmon there are much fewer moving parts in the backswing. His takeaway is smooth, and he is now going back on the inside better, a neutral backswing means that he transfers the energy much better starting the downswing, producing a straighter drive with less side spin to the ball.

He is a very good competitor who wants to score. his short game is sharp he changes trajectory in his wedges. he likes to hit the ball low is creative and improvisational. He is not a robotic player, he has flow and attack and likes to take risks and chances. His putting can be vulnerable in pressure situations which is where he needs to rely more on technique and less on inspiration.

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