What’s so special about …Rory McIlroy


He is the supreme driver of the ball. his motion has a natural speed which is almost balletic. He is the straightest, longest driver, He can separate his upper and lower body on the downswing creating a stability in his shoulders so he doesn’t go under and flip the ball. His ball flight is long and straight and he has a gepreat finish. Over the years as professional he has worked on his physique and grown stronger. He has an almost double coil in the backswing – he coils and then could again before he changes direction. The transfer of energy shifts across down and onto the left side while his hips accelerate aggressively. He can flight the ball both ways easily.

He gets out of trouble with his short game and is a sound chipper and bunker player. He doesn’t enjoy practising his putting and if there is any area for improvement it is here.

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