“It’s no big deal” says McIlroy about his heart condition


As a young person I was taught to play golf by a former tournament professional. When he was on tour he was so wary of the media that his press conferences were something else “driver, 5 iron, 2 putts” he recounted each hole that he played, refusing to disclose anything personal or of interest and the journalists tried hard to stay awake. Rory McIlroy is the opposite, speaking openly and naturally so that things sometimes just slip out.

In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph McIlroy just revealed that playing in China 18 months ago he had picked up a virus which had left him with a thickened left heart ventricle. This revelation caused a media flurry around the world. I would personally say that every heart condition is serious but McIlroy took to his Instagram account to tell everyone to chill. “I touched upon a recent finding from a routine health and wellness check slight heartbeat irregularity called a flat or inverted T Wave. it’s really not that big a deal and nothing to worry about …there shouldn’t be a big reaction in the media. I’m fit and well and healthy.

McIlroy took weeks off last year following a broken rib which touched a ligament where the rib attaches to the spine and caused painful inflammation in his back.


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