Take Your Daughters To Golf Days


I have a new campaign, and this is to encourage fathers to bring their daughters, not just their sons, to golf.

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan was on breakfast television this morning and in passing talked about his own love of golf. Interviewer Lorraine Kelly, who had apparently seen him play in the Dunhill Links at St Andrews, mentioned his two daughters and Dornan’s mind connected the two.

“I’ve bought Dulcia (one of his two daughters) a cut down set of clubs but she’s still using them to beat flowers with. I like the idea of taking the family with me on golf trips and do plan to get them into golf”.

Laudable. This puts to shame a man I boldly confronted in a London park once, granted it was about cricket. He was obviously cricket mad and had his two sons batting and bowling. His daughter was complaining that she wanted a go but he said no. “Girls just field Grace”. It wasn’t my business but I couldn’t turn a blind eye to this so I did say “excuse me, why did you name your daughter after England’s greatest ever cricketer if you won’t let her play?”. He blushed bright scarlet and I quickly made my retreat hearing the young girl say “yessss!” And laughing loudly.

Dads, please give your daughters the same chance as your sons.

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