First win for Mickelson since 2013


A few weeks previously Mickelson said he knew the win was on the way, and true enough at the WGC Mexico Championship he delivered.

Most of you reading this blog will know I enjoy nothing better than Phil’s Pearls and there was a delicious one on the Saturday of this tournament. The third round leader was called “an upstart” by the American media because, presumably he was not a compatriot and he happened to be 21 years old and came to Mexico having just won two tournaments on the European Tour. Somebody should have warned the formidably talented Indian Shubhanka Sharma not to introduce bimself to Phil, which he tried to do on the practice putting green.

“Not right now” Mickelson rebuffed Sharma.

When somebody told Mickelson off, he, according to Sharma, went over to him and explained he thought he was media. Yeah right. But he suitably unsettled Sharma for him to fall out of contention, a lesson learned, but he did tell the story to the media, good for him.

Mickelson played very well to score 65-66 on the weekend to catch an on fire Justin Thomas who had moved up the field with 62-64 including a spectacular eagle from the fairway on the 72nd hole.

Both players were nervous during the play off, we havent seen Mickelson like this for a long time, he has looked tired and out of sorts for the past few years so it was interesting to see him look so nervous. Justin was disappointing in the playoff, there was a lack of commitment and Mickelson putted exceptionally well to win. He called the playoff exciting and fun and confirmed once again the enormous power of his own self belief.



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