Appreciating Brooks Koepka

Yesterday at the Tour Championship at East Lake Brooks Koepka, the world number two and winner of two majors this year, found out that he was not required by the media. Because nobody had asked to speak to him. So he let the media have it.

”I don’t get asked to do many interviews so I’m not gonna go out of my way to do one. I don’t really care.

You’ve got guys who will kiss up and I’m not gonna kiss up. I don’t need to kiss anyone’s backside, I’m here to play golf, I’m not here to do anything else. A lot of guys are known for the stuff they do off the golf course and who they hang around with, It’s obvious who.

I don’t need to bend over backwards to be friends with anyone in the media but certain guys do that because they want their names written. I’d rather be written about because of my play. Sometimes it sucks, but I’ve started to care less. Come Sunday I won’t forget it when everyone wants to talk to me because I just won, I wont forget.

Well I didnt forget that he won the US Open and the USPGA in magnificent, dominating fashion, I just didnt put it on here because for three months I was busy elsewhere. We appreciate you Brooks Koepka, not least because you learned you came over to play on the European Tour and learned to be a complete golfer. Pete Cowen has done a brilliant job with him. Just look at this swing.

Brooks is currently 2nd in the Tour Championship. If he wins on Sunday he also wins the FedEx Cup and will take over as World number one. Everyone will want to hear from him then.

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