USGA and R&A launch golf distance survey

In March after publishing their joint annual golf ball distance survey, officials at the R&A and USGA declared themselves “concerned”at the significant increase in distance this year. They promised an enquiry and the next step phase just appeared. They want to find out what everyone thinks. Sports Marketing Surveys have provided a questionaire which is at Let me know if you can get into it, because I couldn’t.

This is a tricky issue with Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player in favour of limiting the distance of the ball which they fear will make some courses obsolete. Titelist is likely to take legal action if a so called ‘major ball’ is introduced for all players to play in major championships. I agree with Rory McIlroy that it isn’t just about the ball – it’s also due to the huge improvemtents in top players strength and conditioning that has lead to increases in distance. I’d like to have my say but the survey doesnt seem to work.


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