R&A sets out its vision for golf



Last week this new branding was revealed by the Royal and Ancient along with its Vision for Golf. It all sounds very good talking about modernising and changing perception. In increasing accessibility, inclusivity, embracing change, breaking down barriers, integrity in acting fairly and equally, broadening golf’s appeal while upholding traditions. This last phrase upholding traditions meant to me – we think we need to progress, but within limits.

The R&A’s global role in leading the sport is recognised in its new branding which introduces a secondary palette, the bluey green colour which represents governance, sustainability, commercial, amateur championships, The Open and relationships.

£200 million will be invested over the next 10 years and already the most significant progress is available to be seen. The 2019 Rules of Golf modernise and simplify as will the new world handicap system which will provide a consistent measure if playing ability of golfers of all nationalites, each gender and all playing abilities.

All very good, except for one thing. The branding as The R&A needs to be highlighted because many still think of the organisation as the Royal and Ancient. Which is important on social media. Because if you search on twitter for the Royal and Ancient you will not find what you are looking for. You will find a public house in Palton Bank Road. Wherever that is, it’s not the granite pile in St Andrews.

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