What’s so special about – Jon Rahm


While Dustin Johnson’s swing is the most powerful and athletic on tour, Jon Rahm’s swing must be the most talented. To be able to return the clubface square to target from the position that he gets at the top, and to generate such huge length with not as much clubhead speed as some of the other top golfers, that is a thing of awe.

It’s a unique and unorthodox swing, but one which garners great power. From an orthodox one piece take away he sets the club upward and then his wrists get into a bowed position at the top. The club doesn’t reach 90 degrees but unusually, the clubhead doesn’t close at the top, showing Jon Rahm has immensely strong hands holding the club in position. He sets the wrists late after making a complete 90 degree shoulder turn. Coming down he creates huge torque. It’s so interesting watching this in slow motion because the club seems to lag as he drives pressure through his legs before releasing his legs through impact. He has a low centre of gravity which helps him pivot and create power and speed. It’s so cleverly done. He is currently 2nd in the stats off the tee and 20th tee to green.

He is admired because he is a well rounded golfer with no apparent weaknesses, he putts well and has a strong short game. But he openly admits that his challenge is as a competitor – controlling his fiery temperament. He says that getting mad helps him to play better but he needs to channel it “I’m working really hard to stop complaining” he says.





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