British Speed golf


Who will be the UK’s fastest foursomes?

British Speedgolf – Golf Re-Imagined

 Speedgolf is setting the sporting pace in Golf. Speedgolf adds a fitness element to golf for those looking to ‘Accelerate their game’. It’s faster, more athletic and a lot more fun than the regular game!

 Speedgolf Pairs play foursome format with the aim to play a round in the lowest sum of shots as usual, but combine it with the time taken to complete the course. (participants do NOT use buggies)

The British Speedgolf Pairs Championships will take place on Saturday 8 June, at the superb Sweetwoods Park Golf club, a parkland course bordering East Sussex, Kent and West Sussex and is just 16 miles from London Gatwick. Speedgolf looks to unite two of the largest athletic communities in the world, Golf and Running! It also satisfies a myriad of today’s modern challenges to a healthy and active lifestyle. Speedgolf addresses pace of play head on and attracts those who seek a fresh fitness challenge.

Speedgolf Pairs adds a social dimension to the sport and with the foursome format, team work is essential. An early tournament start will see Speedgolf Pairs complete 18 holes in time for brunch! Pairs may be single gender or mixed and entries are expected to represent a broad range of golf and running abilities.

Pam Painter Co-Founder of British Speedgolf “Speedgolf Pairs adds a thrilling social dynamic to the sport. Whilst it is more physically demanding than the traditional golf game, providing a good work out, it is also a lot of fun. ”

Speedgolf also appeals to people who love golf but can’t find the time to play with work and family commitments – and who enjoy running and having fun. With this faster format players can complete a full 18 holes in under an hour by jogging between shots. The challenge is balancing pace with the ability to quickly and accurately play shots to get the lowest score possible.

In October 2018 a global consensus amongst leaders in public health, public policy and sport backed golf in the race to tackle physical inactivity and the prevention of a range of non-communicable diseases. British Speedgolf is thrilled to be making their contribution by presenting a golf format that adds a fitness element to golf. Another important Health dimension will see the Melanoma Fund Charity at the British Speedgolf Pairs championship offering melanoma mole checks for players and visitors and providing sunscreen.

Paula Edwards, Marketing Manager of Sweetwoods Park added “Sweetwoods Park Golf Club has been keen to support British Speedgolf and run social Speedgolf sessions every Wednesday. We are delighted to be hosting the Speedgolf National Pairs Championship at our stunning parkland course in an area of outstanding natural beauty and hope to see a great turnout.”

Many players are finding that Speedgolf has enhanced their golf performance, mainly due to the fluidity of the sport which eliminates time consuming practice swings and other rituals, particularly those with a tendency to over think their game.

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