“I need a total reset” Mickelson admits


When asked what he expected of the week Phil Mickelson admitted his expectations were not high but he wanted to enjoy the experience. Then he engaged in some peculiar telling off of himself. He said “I’m in need of a total reset, I’m not happy with the way Ive been on the course and off the course, My focus, fitness, nutrition I need to change things I can control I’m really not happy with the way I’m playing”. I haven’t felt good about myself and the way I’ve been playing, and so I haven’t done anything or wanted to be in public.

Well. Let’s watch this space. The first thing he might consider is concealing the scary calves by not wearing shorts in practice.

The reset began before the championship when he went on a 6 day fast drinking only water and coffee. A bit extreme… he said by day 6 he wasnt craving food and has dropped 15 pounds. Surely losing a stone in weight in a week isnt healthy? He says he did it to heal as well as to lose weight now he’s following a plant based diet of fruit vegetables, nuts and seeds. He says he has mental clarity and energy but his performance this week isnt showing it. He’s missed the cut in 4 out of the last 6 events and says he was losing focus and energy. He’s also taken up yoga and hiking.

He said “It’s just the start for me. I have to make some drastic changes to improve my focus, energy levels, fitness, stamina. I just havent been feeling confident on or off the course. I’m playing so bad that I dont really know what to say. I’m just playing terrible golf. You go through ups and downs in your career and you figure it out but I really dont have any answers right now”.

He was right about his form though, he shot 76 on day one of the Open Championship and is currently +9 about to get on his Gulfstream back home to California. But at least the weight loss got him his attention this week.

When I was in America two weeks ago I  was bewildered by the TV adverts which promote drugs and pharmaceutical products which we certainly dont do here. I then discovered that Mickelson had made a series of these for a drug called Enbrel which treats the type of arthritis that he suffers from. One of these is odd because it features “an actress” playing the part of his daughter, its not one of his real kids, though we know his 20 year old daughter Amanda Brynn is good at art, so its supposed to be her. I’m wondering, with the back to the camera in most shots, if it is in fact Amy Mickelson, which would be very odd. See below, strange. As strange as the title which I mistakenly read as “My Dad’s A Pain”.

The very thought.








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