It’s that man again – Brooks Koepka now favourite to win



How beautifully Brooks Koepka played today. There was only one glitch on the 17th when a tee shot sprayed badly to the left led to his only dropped shot of the day. But apart from that he was a wizard and a joy to watch.

Probably the most in form (I tactfully didnt call him the hottest – see the picture of his girlfriend below, she would probably kill…) golfer in the world going for his fifth major in nine starts, he has the added dimension this week of the emotion his caddie Ricky Elliott brings to the party. Elliott, Brooks’ caddie since 2013, is a Royal Portrush native, who has been guiding Brooks round the course and taking him to all his haunts and introducing him to family and friends. It seems a wonderful relationship based on trust and mutual respect and apart from his retainer has probably netted Ricky Elliott a few million in bonuses over the past couple of years. His inside knowledge of the Dunluce Course led to radio silence from Brooks when Tiger Woods asked to practice with him as he wasnt going to allow access to his inside knowledge. Elliott is a former Ulster Boys and Youths champion who says he can’t believe the Open is here.

The more Brooks wins the better, because he is on the receiving end of unwarranted criticism, just for being him. “The man that charm has forgot” to quote one “personality by pass” “he has a big chip on his shoulder” another. And all for not being an a typical rah rah American stereotype.He’s good the way he is – in a way one of us in Europe because he took a smart decision to come over to Europe and learn his trade on the Challenge Tour, winning three times and gaining access to the European Tour. American golfers who take this route tend to become more rounded players having a much greater variety of shots readily at hand and have had much wider exposure to different cultures living and playing in Europe.

And another thing. He has a girlfriend who has a strong media presence and personlity, she provides a foil for him. Here’s a picture of her at the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. One thing I would question though is the choice of clothes does make my eyes water, if I wore a dress like that pink one I would get arrested.


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