Not much longer to wait

Reported in the Sunday Times today golf is set to return in England mid March. Prime Minister Boris Johnson (pictured missing the ball) is due to set out the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown on February 22nd with golf and tennis being the first of the outdoor participation sports being permitted. Golf courses in England have been shut since January 5th, though restricted golf is still allowed in Scotland.

Golf will be permitted in 2 ball format with members from different households being allowed to play together. Scientific experts on the Government’s advisory group say that transmission of coronavirus is extremely low in wide open outdoor spaces. Fresh air disperses the virus and UV rays from the sun kill it off. Advice is to leave the flagstick in while putting as a precaution, to only pick up your own ball and to avoid using bunker rakes. Even so the virus cannot stay on surfaces for longer than a few hours. Also, it is best to avoid face to face conversations with playing partners from another household and to pay alongside, socially distanced.

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