Rob and Romesh v Golf

This week Sky One put on another in the Rob and Romesh films, now into series three.

Justin Rose was seen instructing comedians Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan on the practice ground at the BMW PGA.

“thanks for shining a light on what we do” he said cheerily.

Seriously? This was prime time television and for a laugh what the pair did was just expose all the things that UK non golfers expect golfers to be. In Scotland they were seen trying on clown like outfits. And when Romesh challenged Rob about his new found love of golf he justified it thus.

Tell me why you like golf?

“It lasts a minimum of four hours. Basically (he lowered his voice to a whisper) you can escape from your family. You can get away from your wife and kids for four hours and you’re doing “sport”. But you’re not. You walk around for a bit, it’s lovely fresh air and you go and get drunk after.

So do you actually like the sport?

“Well I like hitting balls with a big stick. That’s fun. We could travel round the world and go to all these golf courses and have a right laugh”

And they had a laugh at Romesh missing the ball and then driving the buggy talking in an “oh my god isnt it” Indian rickshaw wallah accent.

Wentworth Club staff in the background as these scenes were filmed were wearing face masks, so this must have been filmed during the 2020 BMW PGA when fans were not allowed on site for safety reasons. And for what? To have a good old laugh at us by sending up all the cliches and perpetuating all the old assumptions about golf and golfers to the very people who might be interested in getting into golf and turning them right off. It was very much a film for blokes with the aggressive bad language towards each other even though they’re really bezzy mates and love each other really. “You’re transitioning into Golf wanker” said knowledgeable Romesh who had genned up on the twitter site. “Tragic little loser” Rob was called for trying to find people to play golf with by posting pictures of himself golfing on Instagram Stories.

Only golf hating non golfers would have found it funny. Once again golf’s bad image is perpetuated into yet another decade.

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