Tyrell Hatton’s swing

There’s no point in writing a “what’s so special about Tyrell Hatton” title because he has said he thinks “there’s nothing special about me”. Perhaps he’ll think again after rising to 5th in the world after his magnificent win in Abu Dhabi a couple of weeks ago.

There’s such a lot to admire in his swing. The fast, powerful rhythm. The slight fade on the ball flight which he achieves from a neutral grip with a bowed wrist position on the way down when he keeps the clunface slightly open. I admire the position at the top of the swing.From a smooth one piece takeaway he moves back to a hands high almost parallel position with a big shoulder turn. He keeps the club slightly above the swing plane and then drives forward with his hips. One unorthodox thing is he keeps his weight well forward towards his toes. There’s a lot of foot movement his heels lift up as he makes an explosive movement through the ball.

He’s a feel player and says he only thinks about two positions in the swing and apart from that doesnt have any swing thoughts. As he doesnt think while he’s executing a shot, I wonder why he gets angry? There was a funny moment when there was a loud bang at the top of his backswing once and he backed off from the shot. But he didn’t lose his rag with the culprit – when he found out it was his fiance banging a portaloo door shut! Anyway, he’s put himself in rehab now as the film shows.

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