Greg Norman seems to call this year’s LIV events test events for the proper thing next year

Well that explains it then. The lack of crowds, free or $1 tickets , some less than household names, injured, senior players. What they’re watching are test events, In this interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Greg Norman seems to say what we’re watching is a dress rehearsal for when they get the real thing launched next year. But they are still paying winners $4 million a tournament while they’re working it all out.

It’s concerning that they will probably be releasing the less well performing players this year as the 48 man quota has been reached, and there is demand from players to join them. Make way for the Ryder Cup Captain, the new Open Champion, it must be unsettling for the lesser known players particularly as they are being blocked at the moment from competing on the two main tours.

what is interesting about this film is how little Greg Norman knows about Women’s golf. He says to Tucker Carlson this:

Greg: The LPGA is sponsored by Aramco

Tucker: Literally?

Greg: Literally

Oops. Aramco is a main sponsor on the Ladies European Tour, not the LPGA.

The 11 players sueing the PGA Tour are seeking a jury trial. This ensures maximum drama. This film shows Greg convincing Tucker Carlson to his cause, but he really seems to mean it when he says he doesn’t care what people think. He’ll care if the Saudi Investment Fund turn off the cash flow because the product isn’t working. It’s ultimately up to the fans. If they attend and support the events and engage with whats happening in person, not behind a computer screen. If they don’t, this ultimately will be remembered as the time of existential threat.

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