Mickelson heckled at third LIV event

I think this will be quite an historic film, because it captures the level of hostility in professional golf at this moment. Although it’s a professional comedian seizing the moment to make good content for his social media, he is also the spokesman for many. Including some of the families of victims of 9/11 who were protesting outside the gates.

He is confronted by a LIV security guard, like journalist Alan Shipnuck was at the first event. The fact that security guards are watching the crowd is un nerving. The atmosphere is pretty toxic at the moment.

And yesterday the news broke that 11 players, headed by Mickelson are sueing the PGA Tour, essentially for restraint of trade. Perfect timing with the FedEx Cup playoffs coming up. In the court documents there is conformation that Mickelson was suspended by the PGA Tour in February for actively recruiting players to join LIV. He applied to rejoin in June but this was denied because he played in the first LIV event in London.

When he appealed it was refused and he is now suspended from the PGA Tour until March 2024 at the earliest. And Billy Walters’ book is coming out soon, what more will that bring up about his gambling friends? How much more stress can he take? But if as I suspect, he’s ultimately headed to a career in politics, this has all been a training ground.

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